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April 26 @ 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Clyde St, Epsom
Auckland, New Zealand

The Auckland Branch of IRMTNZ presents


9:30 am –  3:30 pm
Diocesan School for Girls, Clyde St, Epsom
Junior School Hall
Parking available on-site

Underground off Clyde Street


 Session A: (9.30 am – 11.00 am)
Teaching For Practice!
Many teachers focus instruction on what to practise, but the how of practice is the most important concern. Types of repetition, chunking, and slow practice are essential. What is required is not just that students engage in proper practice strategies, but that they know what they are, and are consciously aware of using them. How is this taught explicitly, and how can we be certain that students really understand practice?

Session B: (11.30 am – 1.15 pm)
Musical Potential? How Growth Mind-set and Expectation Determine Outcomes
Mind-set is the most important precept in music education today. It is so important that every music teacher understands the impact that their beliefs, words and actions have on cultivating the learning disposition of students. Learners with a growth mind-set work harder, embrace challenge, persist for longer and learn from criticism, whereas the fixed mind-set learner gives up more readily and ultimately achieves less. Teacher mind-sets result in teacher expectations impacting student achievement.

Session C: (2.00 pm – 3.30 pm)
The Metacognitive Music Teacher
Metacognition is that wonderful learning stage when the learner drives the learning. It means “thinking about our thinking”. Metacognitive teaching has the greatest impact on learning. How is this maximised in piano lessons? Supported by the work of John Hattie and Gary McPherson, and specifically for piano teachers, Michael will introduce a tripartite model for fostering metacognition.

Session Fees:
Cat. One: $20.00 per session or $50.00 for 3 sessions (IRMT and MENZA Members)
Cat. Two: $15.00 per session or $40.00 for 3 sessions (Un-waged Students)
Cat. Three: $30.00 per session or $80.00 for 3 sessions (all others)

Please make cheques payable to:
Fiona Bygrave
93 Fowlds  Ave,
Auckland 1025
Tel. 815 3478

Or pay by Internet Banking 06-0257-0134557-00
Use your name and category as reference
i.e. Fleetwood Cat 1, A, B, C.
You can also register online via: (google link) to come from Eveleen

 BIOGRAPHY: Michael Griffin

 Michael Griffin is an educator, author and pianist.

Born and bred in Adelaide Australia, Michael completed an undergraduate music education degree in 1984, and began his first appointment as Music Co-ordinator, Sacred Heart College, the following year. The 10 years at SHC were formative years that allowed for great and varied exploration of all things musical and educational, only interrupted by a brief excursion to the Whitsunday Islands to experience life as a professional pianist, as well as a secondment to the Catholic Education Office to run the state music festival. Michael’s next major appointment was at Adelaide’s renowned special music centre, Brighton. Although a range of positions up to Deputy Head were undertaken at one time or another, the real value of this appointment was learning to pursue excellence with vigour. This was a golden period of ensemble prize achievement for Michael and his choral and jazz ensembles, and of the more than 40 prizes and awards (half of these first prizes), the highlight is probably the Australasian Open Choral Championship 2004. This was the first time a school choir had won this award in the illustrious history of the Sydney Eisteddfod competition. Following this, Michael was awarded the Education and Arts Ministers’ Prize in 2006, listed in the Who’s Who SA Edition and nominated for a National Teaching Excellence award. Michael completed a Masters in Education Studies through the University of Adelaide in 2006.

With his wife Rae, Michael moved to Dubai in 2006 to take up the position of Head of Arts at Dubai British School, and prompted by speaking invitations set up business as an itinerant consultant in 2009. Now as an international conference presenter, clinician and speaker Michael keeps a busy schedule, working in more than 20 countries since then.

Michael’s seminars are not just about music learning. Rather, his intense interest in the general nature of achievement and expertise, motivation, neuroscience, creativity and pedagogy sees him speaking to a variety of audiences of staff, students and parents. In particular Michael is more regularly being sought as a study skills motivator with large groups of senior students. His presentation ‘The Expertise Mindset’ specifically addresses intrinsically driven improvement.

Michael has authored books on music and learning as well as a number of professional articles published in Australia, the UK and the Middle East. Trained as a classical pianist, Michael is known for stylistic versatility including popular and jazz styles, and performance credits include a residency at Dubai’s iconic Burj al Arab.


Date: April 26
Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm


Address: Clyde St, Epsom
Auckland, New Zealand

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