June 11, 2016

Future of PLD

Kia ora Tim, 

Thank you for your email regarding your concerns about music PLD and where MENZA fits into the new PLD landscape.  We realise subject associations and other networks play a key role in supporting teachers’ professional development and we have incorporated this into designing the new PLD system. 

 The new system will strengthen networks of expertise across the sector to make sure that teachers are able to access ‘just in time’ support and subject specific support. The networks will be in addition to the national priority areas that will be in place for 3-5 years. We expect that associations such as yours will be a feature of the networks available to teachers.

An expert working group was formed by the PLD Implementation Reference Group (IRG) to provide recommendations on how to design for ‘professional groups and subject associations as a complementary source of professional learning and development support across the system’.  The working group was composed of IRG nominated representatives from the sector and Ministry design staff. Their  findings and recommendations were reported to the IRG and subsequently endorsed by the Group. 

A Ministry representative spoke about PLD at the PPTA Subject Association forum on 28 April 2016.  They shared the initial thinking and recommendations from the working groups and Implementation Reference Group.  Detailed work is now underway to develop the proposals of the working group into a reality and PPTA will be invited to continue to contribute to this work.  As the work progresses we will be publishing more information on this.

We are unable to provide specific information about the future of the TRCC at this time as the matters you raise are under active consideration.

If you wish to contact us directly please continue to use the PLD.2016@education.govt.nz email. Alternatively all PLD updates will be published on the new PLD website as they become available:  http://services.education.govt.nz/pld

Kind regards 

Kate Scrimshaw | Project Coordinator – PLD Re-design project
Mātauranga House, 33 Bowen St, Wellington

PH: (04) 463 2850

education.govt.nz  |  Follow us on Twitter: @EducationGovtNZ 

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