Welcome to MENZA Southland

Regional Hub Leader for MENZA:

Emma will share with the music community – often via musicnet – when there are PLD and networking opportunities in their region. Please get in touch if you would like to be included in the list for events.

  • Southland (Invercargill and surrounding districts, e.g., Winton, Gore, Riverton): Emma Jarman, James Hargest College – Head of Music

We are always happy to hear from members in these regions regarding PLD ideas or needs.

MENZA admin will email all members on the current database about future events – so join up now if you haven’t already. Remember first year teachers and full time teacher trainees gain free membership.

Southland Music Education

A lot of the music education activity in Southland is based around Outreach Singing and the Music Engagement Principle which focuses on an altruistic model of music making. Many primary schools and secondary schools in Invercargill are actively involved in this programme.

You can also follow activities in the the community via the Facebook page

The SIT Kids Concerts series are performed each year in May for ECE and Primary school students. These are free and have been running since 2003.

We also host presenters and have workshops at times during the year. Susan West, from Canberra runs workshops such as Learn to Play the Piano in three hours.

If you would like to learn more about any of these things, please contact Sally via email.

Menza Southland Contacts