Welcome to MENZA Canterbury – Music Education Canterbury – MEC

Music Education Canterbury formed in 1997.

We meet once a term and exchange emails, phone calls, and can be seen meeting over coffee or at workshops in between.

We run Strum Strike and Blow, a festival for ukuleles, marimbas and recorders, which sees 1,200 students perform together in the Horncastle Arena with the support of the Christchurch Civic Music Council. This has three workshops leading up to it.

We run workshops through out the year for Music Educators and have worked in with and support the other local music education providers including IRMT, ARA, CSM, the Muse, CWSMTA, Musical Parenting and the University of Canterbury.

MEC has hosted national MENZA conferences in 1985 (Music’85), 2009 (Music’09) and 2019 (Music’19).

The MEC exec are:

  • Judith Bell – co-chair
  • Kate Husband – co-chair
  • Celia Stewart – vice-president
  • Emma Cullen – treasurer
  • Julie Wylie – secretary
  • Heather Libeau-Dow
  • Heather Gladstone
  • Amber Chapman

Co-opted representatives:

  • Katherine Jones – IRMT representative
  • Andrew Snell – ARA Music Arts representative
  • Francis Yapp – UC Music representative
  • Brad Banks/Nicola Fogden-Smith – CWSMTA representative
  • Nikki Berry – The Muse
  • Linda Webb – INA rep

Administrator – Emma Cullen

MENZA rep – Duncan Ferguson

MEC Constitution (2016)

Society for Music Education (Canterbury) Incorporated
Music Education Canterbury


Menza Canterbury Contacts

Judith Bell

Judith Bell

Phone: 027 232 2912

Celia Stewart

Celia Stewart


027 529 9000

Emma Cullen - administrator

Emma Cullen - administrator