September 20, 2017

Music Engagement Program (MEP) Workshops in Southland

The Invercargill Outreach Singing Trust will be running three workshops hosted by Susan West, with special discounts for MENZA members.

Based on The Music Engagement Program (MEP) philosophy of shared music-making as a means to promote well-being, encourage participation and develop musical skills and knowledge, the programme includes an overview of the theory and application of MEP, an introduction to some of MEP’s fun and engaging folk songs and games, and an opportunity for beginner and amateur piano players to learn and develop their skills using the MEP repertoire.

With limited spaces available, these workshops may sell out, so make sure you register today. Check out the flyers attached for more details. To register or for further information email: or

MEP Workshops:

Learn to Play the Piano in Three Hours!
Time: Saturday October 14, 1-5pm (including 30min break, afternoon tea provided)
Place: SIT Downtown, 25 Don St, Invercargill
Cost: $120 non-MENZA members, $100 MENZA members

This course introduces beginners and amateur piano players to the MEP (Music Engagement Programme) approach to playing and singing. Participants will have the opportunity to develop or hone skills using standard MEP repertoire to play, sing and improvise. This course has limited spaces so please enrol early! If you do not secure a place, you will be waitlisted for the next one.

By the end of this session you will:

  • Understand the basics of piano chordal accompaniment
  • Be able to sing while playing a simple accompaniment
  • Have several strategies for on-going development of piano skills.

Folk Songs and Games Across The Curriculum

Time: Saturday October 14, 9:30-11:30
Place: SIT Downtown, 25 Don St, Invercargill
Cost: $50 non-MENZA members, $40 MENZA members

This session will introduce a range of simple songs, games and dances for a variety of age levels with related musicianship activities. The utilisation of these techniques is to help teachers and students, find easy, enjoyable, nonthreatening ways of engaging with music making on an on-going basis. These songs represent just a small part of the wide-ranging repertoire used in the MEP (Music Engagement Programme) at the Australian National University in Canberra. The songs and games in this set have been chosen, like all the MEP repertoire, by the children themselves, researched over many years.

MEP Intro Workshop
Time: Monday October 16, 4-5.30pm
Place: SIT Downtown, 25 Don St, Invercargill
Cost: $30 non-MENZA members, $25 MENZA members

The Music Engagement Program (MEP) focuses primarily on shared, social music-making as a means of promoting well-being, encouraging participation and developing musical skills and knowledge. The MEP is based on a social philosophy of shared, active music making through singing known as The Music Outreach Principle where groups within schools and the wider community share their music with others, encouraging on-going participation. It promotes, but does not demand, high-level skills, and does not require expensive instruments or equipment to be effective.

This session involves:

  • The practice and theory of the Music Engagement Program
  • Discussion ideas and multi-media examples Singing
  • Applying the principles of ‘outreach’ Ideas for extending music learning through the approach.

About Susan West

Associate Professor Susan West is the Artistic Director of the Music Engagement Program at the Australian National University in Canberra. Susan developed the innovative approach to music education. Assoc. Prof. West’s work has attracted both national and international interest. She has been recognized through various awards, including a National Children’s Week Award, an International Women’s Day Award and a citation for Teaching Excellence from the Carrick Institute. Most recently the Music Engagement Program was recognized for its excellence as a community outreach program through a national awards program run by the Music Council of Australia, as well as an Australian Volunteers Award.

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