February 23, 2019

Musicnet Summary to 24 Feb 2019

Kia ora tātou


Over the last 5 years there has been a number of consultations by the Ministry of Education on what we do in schools. However, for the current review of Tomorrow’s Schools, it is vital that as many submissions are made to advocate for Music and the Arts. Sick of getting funding cut, not existing, or Music being squeezed out? Then spend 20 mins of your day to use the opportunity provided by the Ministry of Education to tell them! The MENZA Advocacy group has provided a number of resources to help you.


See all the information here.


Greta is researching contemporary popular music vocal teaching and is looking for more participants. Perhaps pass the link onto your vocal ITM?


Summary to 24 Feb 2019


General (for all Music Levels)

Did you have a successful musical event in the last 5 months and wish to share it with others? There is a call for short and long articles for the next MENZA Magazine Tune Me In.

Ideas were shared for multi-level teaching.

Do you co-construct you classes with students? Share your ideas here.

Audio Culture’s Aotearoa Reggae Timeline is great!

How to sew Band Stand covers.


Primary School Songs were shared. Do you have any more to add?



Two TKI exemplars for 3.7 Analyse a Music Work were finally released this week, along with a worked example from Learning Ideas.

Janneke has a query about a Level 1 student writing an original Rap over an existing backing track.

Is this for credits? How do you respond

Tips for writing research proposals for AS91425


Professional Development and Events

Nelson/Tasman MENZA PD Day 29 March.

Australian-based author on developing musical skill and unlocking musical potential Michael Griffin is speaking on the 31st March in New Plymouth.

Wellington Symphonic Wind Bands have spaces for students for this year.

We Can Sing – Wellington Choir festival

WOF – Wellington Orchestra Festival

NZ Opera in Schools Tour.



Piano/Drum in AKL.

Guitar in AKL.

Brass/Woodwind in AKL.


Ngā mihi

Martin Emo

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