June 27, 2019

Musicnet Summary 28 June 2019

Kia ora tātou

This Sunday MENZA have their afternoon of PD and AGM in AKL. It’s a time to reflect on what has happened in Music Education in NZ for the last year, and look forward to the future. If you’re near AKL do take the time to come along, and be part of it. 

There are also a number of events for teachers happening over the next three months that are part of the Networks of Expertise. Have a look through the list here to see what is on near you. Some of them are only short events. Others are in regional areas, which is a response from those (like myself) who don’t live in a main centre and can’t easily access PD. 

Summary to 2019

The MENZA Conference price goes up on Monday (1st July), so register now. It only takes 1 minute; about as long as it takes to scroll through your facebook feed.

General (for all Music Levels)

Learn about Synthesis and synthesisers in a browser.

Ideas for free video editing software

Mike is looking for feedback and hearing about what events you did for NZ Music Month. 

You could also send them to Amy for the next Tune Me In MENZA Magazine edition. 


The Learning Ideas 2019 Music Exam pack is now out. As you may be aware, you are unable to use previous NZQA to generate valid derived grades, so if you don’t have time to make your own, you’ll need to purchase some exams. 

If you teach any of the Music Technology Unit Standards, take the time to read this important document. 

Professional Development and Events

3rd July Bruce Pearson in WLG. 

26 July Secondary PD in Invercargill

27 July ECE/Primary PD in Invercargill

Christchurch Arts Festival Education events.  

Clarinet Weekend in AKL 24-25 August

Middle School Band Festival in AKL 16-17 Sept. 

The MENZA Conference in October for ITMs, ECE, Primary and Secondary. 

Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo

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