November 30, 2019

Musicnet Summary to 1 Dec 2019

Kia ora tātou

Secondary school teachers can almost count the number of classes they have left on one hand. Primary and ECE teachers are enjoying the improved weather for outdoor activities. ITMs seem to be either flat out preparing for a Christmas concert, or collapsing after a Christmas concert. 

Just a reminder that the “What is one thing you changed this year?” thread is still going. Do add in a simple sentence. 

Summary to 1 Dec 2019

General (for all Music Levels)

Are you a violin teacher working in a private or out-of-hours role? Ahna would love to talk to you for her doctoral study. Help contribute to understanding what is happening in New Zealand and better support private/out-of-hours teachers. 

Showquest now has live music included in the competition. Have a look at the region details. 

Read here on how to open Garageband files on a google drive without them being split into multiple files

Sign the petition to halt the closure of the MAINZ Audio Engineering program

Ryan has a free audiobook on how and what to teach. 

How would you setup for a silent electronic rockband?



Learning Ideas has 20% off all resources until 6 Dec. 

The NZ Music Commission is making a new resource for AS91095 based on Fat Freddy’s Drop. Contact Mike with your expression of interest to get it when it comes out in Jan. 

Nicolette is looking for Rap exemplars for Level 1 in anticipation of her incoming cohort. 

Andrew has his new Composition resource for sale covering Junior and Senior Music. He also has other resources for High School Music


Professional Development and Events

Auditions for the Auckland Youth Orchestra close today! 

ECE Music workshop 13 Dec in AKL. 

Brass in Class, Workshop with David Bremner 19 Dec in AKL. 

Learning Ideas workshops may be run in smaller centers (Hamilton/Tauranga and others) in 2020. Contact Duncan directly if you are interested. 

The NZSO 2020 Engage in Education program has been launched. 

Tauranga Rimu Fest 2020 – a new week-long chamber music course for players ages 10-18. 



Part-time Band Outreach coordinator with the Christchurch School of Music

Violin/Viola in AKL. 

Beginner wind teacher AKL. 

String teacher WLG


Ngā mihi

Martin Emo

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