February 9, 2020

Musicnet Summary 9 Feb 2020

Kia ora tātou

The announcement of the changes to Concert FM and a potential youth radio channel has been a major topic of discussion in the last week. There have been a number of posts on it on Musicnet, and also on Twitter and Facebook. Have a read here and here to some of the threads, including a link to how educators are responding with petitions and other actions. 

A number of PLD events have recently been announced as part of the ongoing funding relationship between MENZA and the Ministry of Education. These don’t just take place in major centres so look up your region on the MENZA Events page or join the MENZA page on Facebook. 

Summary to 2020

General (for all Music Levels)

Any Kalimba experts out there to help Jesse? 

Out of hours petition update from Michael. 

Rhythm notation resources were shared on this thread. 

Does anyone use Dorico for music notation instead of Musescore, Notion, Finale or Sibelius?

Do you have a spare Double Bass to hire out in Hamilton? 



To audition or not? Read this discussion thread for primary school choirs.  

A google doc has been stared of a great ideas for school choirs, and tips and tricks. 



Trinity college curriculum parameters were shared again. 


Professional Development and Events

Secondary/ITM PLD in Otaki 19th March, Whanganui 20th March, New Plymouth 23rd MArch led by Martin Emo. Register here

The Versatile Voice Teacher, the annual NEWZATS conference 15-17 April. 

Charlie Porter Trumpet Masterclass in AKL. 



Bass, guitar and piano positions in CHCH. 

Classroom music teacher at Kings College AKL. 

Lots of instruments and audio technology at Palmerston North Boys High School. 

Guitar in WLG. 

Sax and piano teacher available in WLG. 


Ngā mihi


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Martin Emo

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