April 13, 2020

Musicnet Summary to 13 April 2020


Kia ora tātou

This week is the beginning of a new school Term, but it’s going to be different from any other term you’ve taught before.

In my new role as the MENZA Digital Kaiārahi, I’ve been running free workshops online. Last week I covered a few more holistic thoughts instead of the nuts and bolts of teaching online.

Something to remember:

You’re not trying to recreate the classroom.

    • Students will have less time than the school day.

    • They will be sharing resources/spaces with others.

    • Put your effort into things that you can reuse again next term/next year.


You can watch the rest of the workshop here. 

This week I’m covering more of the ‘nuts and bolts’ in a workshop on Wed. Thursday is an introduction to Soundtrap, which is an online/free software that enables you and your students to record themselves. Whilst it is unclear exactly what this term, and the rest of the year will look like for schools, I believe that it would be prudent for students to be able to record their progress, performances and compositions whilst being at home.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the list last term, I look forward to supporting you throughout this term.

Summary to 13 April 2020

Request a topic for an online MENZA Workshop.


General (for all Music Levels)

Music EdNet has sent out some tips for teaching online.

Help sourcing pitch-limited composition reference tracks.

This thread covered some concerns about teaching via zoom, which were previously addressed in my zoom workshop.

74 Creative strategies for Electronic Musicians is now available as a free pdf for a limited time.

What app would you recommend to a beginner guitarist?

Musicworks is running an Isolation Music Challenge.

Steven shared a junior remix task and resource.



Learning From Home Music resources supporting Wellbeing are now out.

Celia is gathering resources for ages 0-8 music resources. 

46 Primary Music specialists gathered for a chat. The resources and recording of the chat are now up.



NCEA Internal and External moderator reports are now out.

You can catch up with last weeks’ ‘How to Zoom’ and ‘What are you doing’ workshops here. 

A great thread on Level 3 solo bass. 


Professional Development and Events

Katie Wardrobe – Flipgrid on Wed at 12 lunchtime.

Music Tech 101 Wed 10am and Soundtrap Thurs 10am.


Ngā mihi

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