April 27, 2021

MENZA response to inappropriate and harmful behaviour

Click here for the Safer Spaces in Music Education website.
The recent stories of the inappropriate and harmful behaviour in schools and universities in Music Education spaces are simply unacceptable. We applaud the bravery of those who have come forward.
All music education spaces, no matter how un-traditional, should be safe places without discrimination and harassment. MENZA is committed to working to make this the reality for everyone in Music Education whether they are a learner or teacher, whether they are in a classroom, lecture theatre, or studio.
MENZA has established a relationship with SoundCheck Aotearoa, the action group formed in 2020 as part of a music sector response to the Massey University ‘Amplify’ research and the reports of harm by music related people in Wellington that were published late last year. Dr Oli Wilson will be presenting at our upcoming conference in October which has a central theme of Wellbeing. There will be other presentations and opportunities to focus on resources and discussion around these issues.
MENZA will support initiatives aimed at preventing and addressing sexual harm, discrimination and bullying in music education.
If you have experienced harm and need someone to talk to, HELP is a specialist sexual harm crisis agency that it is available 24/7 nationwide on 0800 623 1700 (you can call anonymously), email at info@helpauckland.org.nz, or directly via its website – www.helpauckland.org.nz. HELP can provide information, support and practical assistance to anyone anywhere in New Zealand who has experienced sexual harm, and anyone supporting a friend or family member who has experienced harm.
The link to the full SoundCheck statement is below. SoundCheck will be making further announcements about how those in our community can participate in consultation and advisory processes soon.

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