July 27, 2023

Help, I can’t buy music for that combination of instruments!

Turning an unlikely combination of instruments into a performance group.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have an unlikely combination of instrumentalists at school? Perhaps a beginner violin, an advanced recorder, a bassoon and a bagpipe? What do you do?

This is an important question and we’ll look at some effective solutions, but first it helps to start by being clear about the objectives of the group.

Article by Judith Bell

Judith was the music director at Chisnallwood Intermediate for 23 years which included running multiple performance groups, music technology and theory. She currently runs the jazz programme at Chisnallwood Intermediate and directs two Shirley Boys High School Big Bands. She is co-chair of Music Education Canterbury, co-music director of “Strum Strike and Blow”, and chair of the Christchurch Jazz Foundation Trust that oversees the Christchurch Big Band Festival. She is a member of the All Girl Big Band and Sideline Swing. She has recently composed the Kiwicorder resource and become a grandmother.

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