March 20, 2024

Te Ara Puoro – MENZA Discourse Info

Te Ara Puoro – MENZA Discourse is now live.

We invite you to join Te Ara Puoro, MENZA’s Discourse community, to support teachers in Aotearoa and beyond in the field of music education.

Please visit the MENZA Discourse Information Page to gain a basic understanding of the platform. It differs significantly from Musicnet, and you will need to spend some time setting up your profile and notification preferences. Additionally, you’ll need to learn how to create and respond to topics.

To create a new topic, you need to log in to the platform. However, if you want to respond to a topic that has been sent to your nominated email account, you can click ‘Reply’ and reply to the topic as you would when replying to an email.

To get started, you should receive an invitation to join Te Ara Puoro soon (to those who signed up to the Musicnet list call or who are currently MENZA members). Alternatively, please email, and we will send you an invite to join our Discourse Page.

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