ITM updates and resources

October 2015: Conference sessions


September 2015: Updated Guidelines

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.40.28 pmITMs perform a vital role in primary and secondary schools, supporting the performance aspects of Music courses and enabling students to develop their musical talents in performance. The ITM role in schools is vulnerable because these teachers are generally part-time, often teaching across a number of schools, and non-permanent. These guidelines provide advice for school leaders, HODs of Music, and ITMs themselves across a number of areas: staffing, resourcing, employment, professional responsibilities, and registration.


The updated guidelines have been prepared by PPTA to assist schools and ITMs to work their way through a range of issues:

They take into account changes made with the introduction of the Education Council.

To read the ITM Guidelines Revised Edition – September 2015 click here


July 2015: Relevance of current initial teacher education for Itinerant Tutors of Music

The eight Initial Teacher Education providers for Secondary Schools –Secondary Qualifications, as identified by New Zealand Teachers Council, were invited to comment on the following;

  1. Do you offer curriculum secondary music (or similar) as a curriculum option for qualifying?
  2. If you answered yes to 1,
    1. Do you address studio pedagogy within the music curriculum option?
    2. Are students encouraged to include studio pedagogy in their practicums?
    3. Are they assessed in studio pedagogy in their practicums?

Three responses were received.


March 2015: Meeting minutes

Read the MENZA-NZTC meeting minutes here from 4/3/2015