February 16, 2019

SOUND ARTS Volume 4 Number 1, February 2008


SOUND ARTS Volume 4 Number 1, February 2008

3. Editorial: The Musical Lives of Others
4. Secondary: Some Ideas for Teaching Non-Western Music – Jeni Little
6. Rhythm Notation for African Drumming – Julian Raphael
9. Tertiary: Advocating a No-Label Approach to Listening – Glenda Keam
10. Reflections on Cultural Identity in Music Aotearoa – Liam Ryan
13. World Music at Omata Primary – Jan Aiello
15. World Percussion Tour Lesson Plan
17. The Malaysian Stopover – Otago Uni Press
19. Early Chilhood Education: University of Musical Play – Julie Wylie
19. Music Therapy and World Music – Sarah Hoskyns
22. Kura Kaupapa: Ko te Ketekete o te Kaka ko te Katakata o te Tui – Rawiri Toia
25. Safeguarding the Intangible: A Maori Perspective – Rawiri Hyde

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