February 16, 2019

SOUND ARTS Volume 6 Number 1, July 2010


SOUND ARTS Volume 6 Number 1, July 2010

3. Save Our Souls: Music Education is Back in the Margins – Dr Trevor Thwaites
7. Marking Matariki in Early Childhood – Helen Willberg
8. Young Children Choosing an Instrument to Learn – Helen Willberg
9. Singing: The Soon To Be Forgotten Art in our Early Childhood Centres – Trish Moore
11. Kids Concerts – Southland – Jay Sagmyr
12. Ukuleles in School – Maria Winder
14. Is Yours a Singing School? – Celia Stewart
15. Bandwagon Concerts: The Power of Participation – Katherine & Peter Watts
16. Profile: Jane Bolton talks to Tracy Rohan 1
18. Music Technology: Digital Age Teaching & Learning – Alex Wallace
20. MENZA Mentoring
21. Managing the Paperwar
23. Part One: So You Want to Start a Band?
25. Practical Uses for the iPhone in Music
26. Musical Downloads

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