February 16, 2019

SOUND ARTS Volume 7 Number 2, November 2011


SOUND ARTS Volume 7 Number 2, November 2011

6. Music Education Research Centre – David Sell
7. Research Corner – Tracy Rohan
9. Keeping it Live! Marimba on the Underground – Anne Prichard
12. LEARNZ Making Music – Graham Elsmore
14. Cultural Chords Music Conference, April 2011
16. In Tone, In Tune, In Time – Kathleen Mulligran
20. Performing & Inquiring – Sarah Hoskyns
21. Into Music 1 – Catherine Short
23. Ukeleles Good, Recorders Bad? – Mary Cornish
24. Kai Moana – An approach to the strengthening of Te Reo Maori in an Early Childhood Centre by Pakeha teachers. – Fay Young
26. Pop Music with Purpose – Jill Brider
27. Music Department Musings – Grace Davey
28. Song Writing – Jane Egan
30. Kids Strung Along and Loving it – Jennifer Mos

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