December 3, 2019

TUNE ME IN Volume 14 Number 3, October 2019


TUNE ME IN Volume 14 Number 3, October 2019

4  ONZA Update – ONZA

6  New Zealand Children’s Music Awards – Suzy Cato

7  Professional Profiles – Kiwi Kids Music

13  10 Reasons Music Teachers Should Attend WSCM2020

14  Regional Reports

18 Becoming Better Brass Musicians with David Bremner – Brass Band Association of New Zealand

20 Singing for Life – Julie Wylie

23  Calling all Musical Theatre Students – CIMTSS

24  Marvin Blickenstaff: Getting it Right from the Start – Sarah Watson

26 Bloom 2019: A Botanical Soundscape – Thomas Voyce 30 Some Things Change, Some Stay the Same: A Brief

History of Popular Song Structure – Buzz Moller

39  My #1 Tip for Improving Student Compositions – Duncan Ferguson

40  The National Concerto Competition – Michael Lawrence

42 7 Steps to Beating Depression and Getting Back to Music – Ryan Kershaw

44 Giving Students Their Voice in a Year 4-6 School Concert – Jane Coles

46 A Tribute to Dave Naylor (1948-2019) – Catherine Gibbs 48 A Tribute to Guy Jansen (1935-2019) – Catherine Gibbs

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