September 23, 2020

TUNE ME IN Volume 15 Number 2, September 2020


TUNE ME IN Volume 15 Number 2, September 2020

3  Editor’s Comments – Chris Moore and Duncan Ferguson

4  Chair’s Comments – Jeni Little

5  Te Rito Toi – Peter O’Connor

6  The Mother of Intention – Mike Young

7  National Arts Education Alliance Association (NAEAA) Launch – Tim Carson

8  What to do with an orchestra when you can’t go on stage – Felicity McKenzie

9  Kiwi Kapers Concert 2020 – Felicity McKenzie

10  Feldenkrais for Musicians – Claire Caldwell

11  Posture and Sound – The Intrinsic Link – Alistair Greenwood

14  What have my beliefs got to do with what I teach? – Martin Emo

15  The Knowledge Rich School Project in Action – Mary Cornish

18 NCEA music students’ self-efficacy beliefs and the factors

that affect them – Georgia Watts

22 Music in Lockdown – Ben Fernandez, Robin Nathan, Celia Stewart, Kath Bee, Charlotte Talbot, Judi Cranston, Jody Keehan, Julie Wylie. Michal Bush, Captain Festus McBoyle

30 Reflections from private teachers during Lockdown – Judith Bell

32  Lessons in Lockdown – Cathy Martin

33  Who moved my piano? First encounters in on-line teaching – Jilliane Wilson

35  Free orchestral sample library from Spitfire Audio – Duncan Ferguson

36  The Commonwealth International Composition Award -Alison Cox OBE

38 Faculty Rocks – Emma Featherstone

40 New Years Honours 2020

42  Ukes Online! – Maria Winder

43  Friday Kiwilele Jams

47 Obituary: Graeme Wallis – Judith Bell and Julie Wylie

50 Collaborative songwriting in New Zealand: A Case Study – Joel Little, Tony Waine and Dr Mark Baynes

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