February 16, 2019

TUNE ME IN Volume 9 Number 3, November 2014


TUNE ME IN Volume 9 Number 3, November 2014

4.  Unsung Heroes – MENZA Honours Board
5.  Early Childhood Music, Music for music’s sake – Celia Stewart
6.  Working Together – Asher Skerrett
7.  The NZSO’s offerings for schools – Sam Cockerill
8.  Pachelbel for Performance – Phil Pegler
10. Celebrating Musical Creativity Conference – Rosemary Bromley
10. Making Music Matter – Keynotes
13. Scenes From Christcurch, Ukuleles, Recorders, Marimbas and All That Jazz – Judith Bell
14. Chocolate Pudding, Red Shoes, and Lots of Singing! – Sally Bodkin-Allen
16. Many Minds, One Music Class – Differentiation in the Music classroom – Andrew Stopps
18. New Zealand Presentations at the ANZARME Conference – Stuart Wise
19. Sing Your Song – Kelly Kennedy
20. ISME 2014 At Porto Alegre (Brazil) – Stephanie Lees
22. Making a Difference in New Zealand Music The MENZA-TRCC conference – Stephanie Lees
23. Review of Hear Our Voices – Errol Moore
24. PULSE – A Music Education Class at the New Zealand School of Music – Robert Legg
26. Report on ANZARME Young Research Competition – Errol Moore

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