August 26, 2021

Listening Exercise


This listening activity was prepared by Jane Egan at Gisborne Girls High School for her junior students as she was struggling with engaging students with online learning – many of her students found themselves in lockdown without an instrument or anywhere to practice.

Since listening informs performance skills, it’s a great activity for everyone. The listening activity sheet with a wide range of musical genres takes students through a musical journey led by the teacher. For each teacher choice, there is room for a student choice so the teacher is also exposed to a wide range of music outside their usual listening repertoire. Students listen and read the teachers comments and then they choose something from the same genre and provide the information for the teacher.

The basic activity could be copied and edited by the teacher to focus on any genre or eras.

Listening Assignment*

*The resource is not password protected due to originally appearing on Musicnet 27/08/21

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