March 25, 2013

Highlights from our latest MENZA Magazine

  • Robin Mills has written a beautiful personal story reminding us to let children create their own voice.
  • Judith Bell has notes from the 30th World Conference on Music Education (ISME) in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Helen Willberg reminds us how music can be woven through the day in Early Childhood settings.
  • Heather McLaughlin reports Jon Madin’s continued contribution to Marimba Music Making across the Tasman.
  • Julie Sperring reports on the work of the International Music Council.
  • Stephen Rowe discusses how we make an even greater difference to Māori learners in Music.
  • Millie Locke and Maria Winder report on the Marimba and Ukulele Festivals.
  • There is also Stephanie Lee’s editorial, a biography of Te Aritaua Pitama, highlights from the recent Mustech conference, resources and much, much more!

To access the magazine please go to the MENZA Members area.

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