March 13, 2014

Cups Song

Check out the practice  of the cups song in Te Reo Maori at East Tamaki School. Venue, time and date booked for massed cup-jam in Auckland at Dilworth Junior School on Friday 30th May at 1pm. Who else in NZ is taking up the challenge? Invercargill Sally Bodkin-Allen, Dunedin Ali Caldwell, Wellington Grace Davey Shane McAlister Vicki Thorpe, Hawkes Bay, Waikato and Northland Selena Angela Bercic are on to it already! Let us know what you are up to!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These files are provided for the express purpose of rehearsal only. They may not be used or distributed for any other purpose. Using these  files for other than the purpose outlined is a direct breach of copyright which may expose you to significant penalties.


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