August 25, 2019

Musicnet Summary to 25 Aug 2019

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Summary to 25 August 2019

I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts when I get the chance. A challenge in itself, as I find it really hard to be actively listening to people talking whilst trying to work. Practicing music, reading or writing isn’t as conducive to podcast-listening as other creative arts such as painting or drawing! It often takes me about 3 or 4 chunks to get through an hour-long podcast, grabbing 15mins here or there when I can. I’m lucky to not have a long-commute, which is when most people seem to expand their brains with podcasts. Despite my slow progress, I’m interested in finding some more great podcasts to listen to. Add your discoveries to this thread

General (for all Music Levels)

Ishkur’s Music Map from the 2000s has been remade and is now updated to include new genres of Electronic Music. 

The NZ Music Commission has a number of physical resources they want to share. Contact them directly for fresh copies of “Sweet II” with CD, and the May Book. 

Stephen is looking for scores of “Pirate Song” by Tim Jones. 



Trevor wrote a summary of the KBB Music festival, and Andrew replied with his summary of the WEBO festival


Professional Development and Events

Andrew Stopps’ Composition PD WLG 1 Oct, AKL 3 Oct.

AKL Jazz Spectacular 22 Oct. 


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