June 5, 2020

Musicnet Summary to 5 June 2020


Kia ora tātou

After a full week of working at Level 2, I’m aware that teachers and students are knackered. Perhaps it’s a combination of working through the last holidays to prepare for teaching online, working from home, caring for the well-being of others on top of what will be a 23 week Term One. Then there has been the death of George Floyd, and the reflection that has followed for individuals, organisations and countries.

There are 4 weeks left in the term for most of you. I do hope that you’re able to take 1 whole week off in the holidays. That won’t happen unless you plan for it, and block out that time now.


Summary to 5 June 2020

General (for all Music Levels)

The 2nd and 3rd round of Menza Top Tips videos are up on the MENZA youtube channel. Make a cup of tea and watch them!

Amazing full list of every BYOD app/software  for Music, curated by James Humberstone and Rebecca Ly at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Do you do an affordable local NZ Music trip? Janneke is looking for ideas.

Ways for jazz drummers to practice, including books and software was discussed in this thread.

The Out of Hours petition is still looking for more signatures.

The Education Council is increasing the fees that all teachers, including itinerants, will need to pay.


Belinda has shared some more great classroom resources for you to use, including a collaboration with John Psathas.

The Ministry of Education has launched some new resources for L1-3 including access to Te Aho Te Kura Pounamu (Correspondence school).

Do you use the Māori Performing Arts Unit Standard?

Tabbing White Lines by Six60 was shared.

Ideas of Level 1 Cello Songs.

Scholarship Music is due 12 Nov.

Professional Development, Events and competitions

Duncan @Learning Ideas is running workshops on creating quality video submissions for competitions in CHCH on 3-4 July and 1 day each in AKL/Hamilton on 13 & 14 October

Massey University Bubble Bop competition for song writing and remixing over 24hrs.

Joel has a new children’s instrumental music competition for ages 7-12 and 13-17.

The NZSM Jazz improvising competition for this year is now online.

ASQ International Music Academy is on 13-18 July face to face.

All of the MENZA workshops and chats have the video and handouts archived on the member section of MENZA Resources. There are also lots of free access resources there too.



Guitar teacher needed in Taranaki

Ngā mihi

Martin Emo

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