September 12, 2020

Musicnet Summary to 12 Sept 2020


Kia ora tātou

There are two weeks left of the school term for most of you. It’s been the most disrupted year that I can remember. The closest I can remember is school being closed for a few days due to flooding, or having days rostered off for rolling teacher strikes when I was a student.

Have you done something over the last 3 months that you think other music teachers might find interesting? The next MENZA magazine, Tune Me In has space for a few more articles. Deadline is 28th Sept. 

What follows is a summary of some of the posts over the last two weeks on Musicnet. As always, all of the messages are archived online for you to access anytime with your login.

2-week summary to 12 September 2020

Ministry of Education bulletin on Music at Covid alert level 2.

General (for all Music Levels)

More ideas on Taonga Pūoro were shared, including easy ways to make the instruments with at-hand resources.

Belinda shared a scanner app that transposes.

Possibly all of your questions about allergies, cold sores and brass mouthpieces were answered in this thread.

What are the best headphones to get for a classroom?

The latest Zoom update now has a high fidelity mode. 

What is the new way to do a class “CD”? 


No NCEA moderation is required for the rest of 2020.

Tia is looking for resources for the new Māori Music standards. 

Delysse, from NZQA, is looking for examples of cross-curricular work and assessment. 

An official answer was given for if a student can sit Scholarship Music with two majors.

Suitable DAWs for the music technology standards.

There were a few NCEA questions over the last 2 weeks. A great place to start is to look at the standard specifications. For curly questions, continue to email the musicnet list. If someone doesn’t know the answer, I can chase it up with NZQA (or you could too).

Professional Development and Events

This week is Postgraduate week at the University of Auckland. They have a webinar Wed 16th 5:30-6:30pm about music options for teachers.


Classroom teacher at Papakura High School, Auckland.

Ngā mihi


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