October 31, 2020

Musicnet Summary 31 Oct 2020

Kia ora tātou


Over the last week, I’ve felt that there has been an acceleration of the end of year snowball. Towards Christmas, senior balls/dances, end of year prizegivings, students leaving their current schools for intermediate/secondary and planning for 2021. During my years of teaching, I found it really helpful to take a week in Oct/Nov and do a ‘time audit’. I would write down exactly how I spent my time in a week as a way of reflecting on what I spent my time doing. I would then consider this when planning for the following year. For example, it helped me realise that the music performance at the special ‘boys assembly’ took 8 hours to prepare (way more than I thought it did). When I was asked to do it again, I was able to share that with the senior leadership team in our discussion of priorities and how they could support me in doing it again. (Where that time was going to come from?).

At a basic level, my ‘time audit’ allowed me to take a short pause amongst my busy year and ask “Am I happy doing everything I did this year again?” and “Is there something new I want to do in the department? If so, what will I drop?”.


Summary to 31 October 2020


General (for all Music Levels)

Lots of contributions to this thread on great digital keyboards. 

A video by Jacob Collier playing the same song with 18 different emotions. 

Showquest 2021 has launched with three new platforms: Showequest, Toi (wearable art run in collaboration with World of WearableArt), OnScreen (Short film challenge). 

The lineup for Faculty Rocks has been published. If you want a chuckle, have a read through the names of the bands. 

NZ Youth Symphonic Winds auditions close soon. 

Do you have a digital lighting desk? 

Requests for Christmas band music has begun. Olive is looking for Lerory Anderson’s Christmas Festival. 


Professional Development and Events

2021 Adam Summer School applications are open for strings and piano. 

Ethno NZ registrations are open for Jan 2021 at Piritahi Marae on Waiheke Islands

An update on the 2020/2021 National Concerto Competition 



Piano in Wellington


Ngā mihi


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