July 9, 2020

Kiwilele Resources


These videos are designed for teachers who are starting, or want to strengthen, their ukulele teaching in the classroom – join us and be part of Bill Sevesi’s dream !

Find out more about being a kiwilele school by going to the Kiwilele website.

Videos in this playlist:

Friday Kiwilele Jams#1

  • Kiwilele Introduction by Maria Winder and “10 tips for beginner ukulele players” by Edwin Randell.

Friday Kiwilele Jams#2 – NZUT 2020 Kiwileles’ Songbook Launch

  • Includes play-along “Kiwi Ukulele” by Kevin Fogarty at 1:59 and tasters of other songs.

Friday Kiwileles Jam#3 “Ta Lau Ukulele”

  • Include pronunciation, dance and play-along

Friday Kiwileles Jam #4 Smile with Hannah Milo

  • Includes songwriting, chords and play-along of “Smile”

Friday Kiwilele Jam #5 Beethoven Bonanza with DJ Edwin Randell

  • Teaching video form Beethoven Bonanza (no play-along)

Friday Kiwilele Jam #6 We are one by Sophie Brown

Friday Kiwilele Jam #7 Ngā Iwi E

  • Background, pronunciation and play-along

Friday Kiwilele Jam #8 Banaha. A traditional song from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kiwilele Jam #9 How to Read Ukulele TAB

  • Instructional video by Philip Griffin

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