July 16, 2020

Musicnet Summary to 17 July 2020

Kia ora tātou


It’s back to school for most of you on Monday. It’s not the case for many music teachers around the world. When I look across at our colleagues in the USA, it’s quite distressing to read on facebook groups of them fighting their boards of education who want them to return to school whilst Covid-19 is still spreading. 


I’ve only had a small number of people fill out my short nationwide survey of secondary teachers for my PHD research. It takes under 10mins so if you’ve benefited from any help from me over the years, I’d appreciate you helping me.  Please see the original email for more information and ethical considerations. 


Summary to 17 July 2020


General (for all Music Levels)

Dr Graham McPhail has written an opinion piece on how the NCEA review and the NZ Curriculum still have big problems. 

There is a great new Taonga Pūoro recourse made by SOUNZ. There are 8 sessions, covering 13 different instruments. 

Mary added this great video to watch too!

AudioCulture has an update. 

Pre-service teacher Heidi has a survey on equity. 

A few more posts on what midi controllers to buy. 

Alexandra is offering his services for videoing bands/orchestras in the AKL region

Glen shared a free sample library of orchestral samples, and Duncan added in his two blogs about it. 



NZSM Audition deadline is the 20th July. 

Nicola is looking for ideas for Music works pieces for Level 2. 


Professional Development and Events

Final call for applications for the NZ Junior Piano competition. 

The MENZA AGM is being held on Saturday 8th August in AKL. It’s preceded by workshops. There will also be an opportunity to join the AGM via Zoom. 

Weaving the cultural perspectives into Pūoro on 9th Oct in AKL. 

Wellington Orchestra Festival 3rd Sept. 


Positions/For sale

Concert Marimba for sale. 


Ngā mihi


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