February 19, 2024

Matauranga Puoro Māori Resource


A resource written and gathered by the MENZA Board. This resource is designed to aid teachers to build their understanding of Matauranga Puoro Māori. This resource is targeted for Year 11. However, can be used from Year 9 and upwards.

In this resource there are activities for students to;

  • build their understanding of Taonga Puoro and Waiata
  • Composition ideas through a Te ao Māori lens
  • kupu akonga need to aid them in their own personal journeys in Te ao Māori.

Also, there is a a section dedicated to resources and links for kaiako to build on their knowledge of Puoro Māori and Te ao Māori.

This document will be updated regularly.

Current Version: Feb 2024

Introduction of Resource:

Slide Presentation: Mātauranga Puoro Māori

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