June 30, 2024

Te Wānanga – Music Significant Learning Outcomes: Delving into Te Ao Māori


Embark on a more profound learning journey through a Te Ao Māori lens with Taonga Puoro practitioners Horomona Horo and Kelly Kahukiwa. This series of recorded wānanga offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich musical histories and tikanga (customs) inherent in Te Ao Māori. Participants will gain insight into key concepts such as ‘ihi’ (pride), ‘wehi’ (fear), and ‘wana’ (excitement) and deepen their understanding of traditional composition techniques and tikanga. Moreover, the workshop will delve into essential Te Ao Māori concepts within Te Ao Puoro (the Māori musical world).

Through Zoom-facilitated kōrero, each lasting 60 minutes, participants will engage with two Significant Learning Areas (SLAs) per session. The overarching aim is to provide a comprehensive exploration of Te Ao Māori perspectives within the realm of music, fostering understanding and appreciation among participants.

Facilitators: Horomona Horo (Ngati Porou, Nha Puhi) and Kelly Kahukiwa (Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāi Tūhoe, Te Aitanga ā Māhaki)

Hosted by: MENZA and NEX

Miro Board

Workshop tuatahi:

  • Explore the musical histories of their whakapapa – Pepeha, Themed, National/Tribe/Cultural Significance. *Taonga Puoro history, birth of kapa haka, whalers.
  • Experience how music can communicate stories, knowledges, and ideas 
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Workshop tuarua:

  • Explore how identity can be expressed through music   
  • Understand how music is a waka to explore diverse worldviews  
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Workshop tuatoru:

  • Understand how diverse contexts inform creative musical output  
  • Develop an understanding of how music from te ao Māori is guided by tikanga  
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Workshop tauwha:

  • Develop insights into how te ao Māori concepts such as ihi, wehi, and wana are experienced in Māori music contexts 
  • Consider how ihi, wehi, and wana may relate to personal music making 
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Workshop tuarima:

  • Explore how music styles from different contexts are expressed in unique ways through combining and shaping music concepts  
  • Experiment with music tools and concepts when composing or performing music, for intended effects 
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Workshop tuaono:

  • Engage in different ways of creating original music 
  • Practise aural skills and develop listening repertoire  
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Workshop tuawhitu:

  • Explore technological skills for music-making   
  • Strengthen instrumental or vocal skills through reflection, practice, and dedication 
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Workshop tuawaru:

  • Engage in creating and performing music within a range of contexts and settings
  • Explore visual representation styles and aural systems to preserve or pass music on.
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If you accessed this series of wānanga in any way, either online at the Zoom calls or watching it afterwards. We would greatly appreciate it if you completed the feedback form below. Feedback Form

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