Kiwicorder is a set of thirteen New Zealand compositions for beginner to more advanced recorder players.

Each piece in this series has at least one easy descant recorder part (called “Descant Recorder 1”), as well as other parts for more experienced players in your group. Most pieces will sound fine with just one descant recorder part plus the backing track (or piano accompaniment).

The dynamics are an indication only, setting a mood for each piece, but since intonation can easily be compromised with dynamic variation, always err on the side of good intonation with minimal dynamic contrast if needed.

Each piece has detailed learning outcomes including technique and genre-specific stylistic playing.

The compositions range from duets and trios through to full ensemble including descant/soprano, treble/alto, tenor and bass recorders! All extra parts are available for free download, along with many piano accompaniments and scores. Please note that descant/soprano recorders, and treble/alto recorders reflect British and American usage of recorder names respectively.

We hope you enjoy using the video play-alongs or audio recordings as demos and backing tracks. The purposes of these are for ease of teaching and practising, listening, and also to provide a variety of grooves to play along with.

We are grateful to MENZA (Music Education NZ, Aotearoa) for funding this project so it can be a free resource to all schools.

Easy DescantParts available (full arrangement)
1Limpet and Barnacle RockGABDescant (4), Alto, Bass
2Breezes Road Waltz GABCDescant (3)
3TranzAlpine Blues (12 bar Blues in A)E F# G (C C#)Descant (3), Alto, Tenor, Bass
4Go E’sy Blues (E minor blues)EGABDescant (4), Alto, Tenor, Bass
5Gecko EchoDEGACDescant (2), Alto (2), Tenor (2), Bass
6On a StrollEGAB (Bb,D)Descant (2)
7WhenuaD E F# G A BDescant, Alto
8Memories (Maumahara)DEGABCDDescant, Alto/Tenor
9LytteltonDEGABDescant (2), Alto (2), Tenor, Bass
10Rock-orderDEFG G# ABCDescant (2), Alto, Tenor, Bass
11Journey into the VoidGABCDescant, Alto, Tenor, Bass
125-4 DanceDGAB (C#D)Descant (2)
138 BitEGACDescant (3), Alto, Tenor, Bass

KIWICORDER: Booklet of all recorder parts for all pieces (pdf)

KIWICORDER: Teaching notes (pdf)

Google Drive Folder of audio files

Each piece has its own play-along playlist (menu near the top right of each video) with full demos, easy descant demos and backing tracks…..

Creative Commons Licence
Kiwicorder by Judith Bell/Michael Bell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

It basically means feel free to use it any way you wish, but don’t sell it, and always attribute the composers and MENZA. Thank you, and feel free to email to share how you you’ve used the resource. We’d love to hear from you!